Parcside Equity, LLC is a privately owned Life Settlement Provider and consultant to the Life Settlement Industry. It has evolved from predecessor companies on the experience of Philip E. Lian, an early pioneer in the industry, and his subsequent assembly of a group of experienced individuals.

      With primary offices on Park Avenue in New York, Parcside is strategically located to capture a share of the overall Life Settlement Industry transactions in the financial capital of the World. In addition, Parcside is at the doorstep and invited into discussions pertaining to industry practices, trends, and regulatory legislation. Assisting in these various processes are other competent professionals at the firm with backgrounds in Finance, Insurance and Actuarial Science. Parcside retains considerable leverage in the marketplace as an independent with contacts garnered over a period of three decades involvement in the “general” insurance industry by its principles.

      Parcside’s mission is to provide life settlement brokers and life insurance agents with an aggressive and comprehensive approach to the purchase of life insurance policies. This is achieved primarily by the thorough investigation of the policy and insured(s), assistance in negotiating and promulgating underwriting information, and providing transparency in making an offer through its sometimes exclusive, but always balanced, relationships with instutional funds.

      All transactions involve life insurance companies with A ratings (or agency equivalents) denoting long-term financial stability that will allow fulfillment of obligations related to payout of the maturity value. The duration of these investments is most often 2 to 10 years given the life expectancies of the insureds and the investment philosophy of institutions.

      Parcside contacts within both the life settlement industry, broader insurance industry, and with various fund managers provides a foundation for success. But the usage of state of the art analytical tools that temper and place in perspective many otherwise attractive looking investment opportunities is an equally critical factor to the operational success of Parcside and profitability of its funding partners.

      Finally, often overlooked or misunderstood by our competitors is the importance of monitoring a life insurance investment after the purchase of a policy. Parcside is available to play the very vital role of assisting in fashioning a proper administrative environment necessary to negotiate any future premium payments, policy conversion decisions, and/or monitoring of the health of the insured.

      In summary, Parcside Equity, LLC is uniquely positioned within the Life Settlement Industry to negotiate profitably the many anticipated changes in both the financial and regulatory markets. It draws from a platform of technical expertise while fashioning profitable relationships from its years of association with the insurance and financial industries.

Parcside is a voting member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA).

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230 Park Avenue, Suite 810
New York, New York 10169-0810