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Parcside Equity, LLC is committed to maintaining complete confidentiality of all information regarding those parties involved in a life settlement. We insist that confidentiality remain of utmost importance throughout every step of the life settlement process.

An insured’s medical information is required for the sole purpose of estimating life expectancy and only Parcside’s underwriters will review that information. Parcside
will release no confidential information regarding any aspect of the life settlement to an unauthorized party. Parcsideconducts extensive due diligence on those parties with which it operates to ensure this same element of confidentialityand professionalism.

Within its contracts, Parcside provides disclosure to both policyowners and insureds and urges policyowners to seek the advice of their professional advisors in order to make the most informed decision.

Within Parcside, all information relating to a transaction is viewed only by those employees directly involved on that particular case and is only available on a need-to-know basis.

Parcside recognizes the importance of confidentiality and has developed the systems and procedures to ensure that every step in a life settlement transaction is handled with complete confidentiality.
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